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The association
The Associazione Produttori del Nizza was founded on 19 November 2002 with the aim of enhancing and promoting the excellence of the Nizza appellation. In 2012-2013, the Association supported the request for recognition of a new specific appellation of origin for Nizza, which was accepted with the 2014 harvest (the first sub-area of Barbera d'Asti). Moreover, the Riserva version was recognised together with the possibility of mentioning the vineyard of origin of the grapes. Another important milestone was the creation in 2018 of the map of the Nizza territory, created in collaboration with Enogea. The map shows the existing vineyards within the Nizza appellation and delimits, vineyard by vineyard, the production zones. It presents an additional introductory text on the territory and the appellation with a description of the main production zones and their crus.

In order to maximise these achievements, an additional and innovative verification method has been introduced. It took the form of periodic "blind" tastings of the wines produced by the Association carried out directly by its members. They are obliged to present samples and may participate in the tasting, which is led (in turn) by one or more members of the Association, appointed by the President.

The aim of this procedure is to determine the quality of wines of the "Nizza DOCG" appellation, identifying ways to improve any imperfections. The results of the tastings carried out have been very positive, confirming the efficiency of the method adopted.

The organs of the Association are President Stefano Chiarlo, Vice-Presidents Giovanni Bertolino and Daniele Chiappone, and the Board of Directors. The Enoteca Regionale is the current headquarters, in Via Crova, 2 in Nizza Monferrato.

To date, there are 75 members, but it’s an ever-growing number seeing as many producers from other wine-growing areas come to invest in this appellation.