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Mauro Sebaste

Mauro Sebaste

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Wine: Selezioni di vini

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Our company was born from the strong passion of Mauro Sebaste, son of Sylla, a famous woman and a true Langa wine expert. After Sylla's premature death, Mauro leaves the family business and, propelled by his strong passion for wine, he pursues a single objective: producing quality wines.
With the help of his wife, Maria Teresa, and his in-laws, he sets up a new company and creates a wine-producing business.
And today the next generation has joined the family business: Sylla working in accounting and Angelica painting the labels.

To carry out his plan, he starts with a slow, meticulous search for vineyards: each of them with suitable features of typicality, geographical location and exposure. Nowadays, Mauro, together with the agronomist Domenico Franco, manages more than thirty hectares of vineyards. He follows ripening cycles with absolute devotion and care in order to achieve his one and only objective: producing total and uncompromising quality. His family firm produces an average of 150,000 bottles of wine per year and 15,000 bottles of grappa, which he exports all over the world.

The vineyards where the Mauro Sebaste wines are produced have been chosen for their excellent land features and favorable exposure. They are located in: Alba, Barolo, La Morra, Verduno, Serralunga, Monforte, Vezza d'Alba and Vinchio.

Mauro Sebaste personally runs the vineyards: he checks the soil quality, he carefully attends to the thinning of excessive grapes according to the capacity of each vine to bring its grapes to perfect ripening. He also engages himself in limiting treatments to the minimum required. Every year, after checking the grapes' maturity and choosing the perfect weather conditions, he organizes the harvest (still strictly manual), paying careful attention to the selection of the grapes.

The wine-making process takes place in the company's cellar, carefully designed and equipped with the most innovative oenological technology. As soon as the grapes arrive from the vineyard, and after undergoing a further manual selection carried out on vibrating tables, they are gently pressed.

The must is then treated with a peristaltic pump which pushes it forward without actually touching it and is then left to ferment in stainless steel tanks equipped with an automatic temperature control device.

After maceration the wine is aged in barrels which have been well sterilized by means of an ultraviolet light treatment. When the wine is ready, it is bottled using a very modern bottling line which ensures quality and guarantees total hygiene to the whole production. After proper ageing, the wine can be tasted in the comfortable tasting room where Mauro Sebaste and his wife welcome their guests.

WINES SELECTION is our top notch product line, which stands out for his impressive elegance and balance. For this line we have selected exclusive wines, suitable for a long ageing, which come from historical crus such as “Ghè” and “Prapò”.

CLASSIC WINES is the product line of the piedmontese tradition, designed to foster and to guard the typicality of our land. The great prestige of these fresh and fruity wines, is evidenced by the DOC and DOCG classification.

GRAPPE - Our marc, obtained from soft pressing, is preserved fresh and clean waiting for the steam distillation. This attention to the detail enables us to produce mono-varietal grappa extremely soft, elegant and balanced; not only in the 50 cl bottle, but also in the more affordable format : magnum 150 cl.