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Alessandro Guasti

Barbera d’Asti Superiore Nizza Barcarato

Denominazione di origine controllata superiore

Wine: Barbera

Vineyard: Barbera 100%

Denomination: DOC Superiore

Area of planting: Vigneti di proprietà, nel comune di Nizza Monferrato

Barbera 100%

Own vineyards, in the comune of Nizza Monferrato

Even before harvest-time, in the oldest vineyards are chosen those grapes that are fully ripe, these are then crefully picked and vinified separately.
There follows a period of againg in oka barriques (small casks with a capacity of 225 litres) which lasts as long as is necessary to bestow an which, before being shipped off for sale, Barcarato remains in the bottle for a further eight months.

Very bright ruby-red colour.
Harmonoius, intense and resulte bouquet, with hints of violets.
It has a full and satisfying taste, just tannic enough for the calibrate time the wine remains in the casks, robust in charcter and tenor; when imbibed, its many pleasant aromans are released.

Goes well with: the usual range of food for a hight-class Barbera: red meat game and substantial second courses, but it also has what it takes to be sipped contemplatively.
Reccomended serving temperature: 18-22° C.