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Wine: Barbera d’Asti

Vineyard: Barbera 100%

Denomination: D.O.C. Superiore

Area of planting: Crena


Our PianoAlto estates in Crena are connected to the farmhouse on the hill of
Crena, overlooking the delightful village of Agliano and its thermal springs
in the valley. The vineyards on the hilltop are flat; in our oldest vineyard we
produce PianoAlto, a Barbera d’Asti Superiore that boasts the appellation
DOCG NIZZA, which is the best area for this great red. A well-known winemaker,
possibly the greatest connoisseur of the crus of Nizza, said that in
PianoAlto of Crena a great wine is historically produced, or rather “a balm”,
as he defines it. The importance of the soil and of the position resulting in
the final reflections of the wine are at the origin of the cru of PianoAlto. The
Piedmontese double-vat for the ageing enhences its original charcateristics
and its being very distinct. The logo on the label is the strong yet graphically
simple sign of the brick brise-soleil on the barn of the farmhouse.


Varietal: Barbera 100%
Vineyard: old vineyard of Crena.
Altitude: 250 metres a.s.l.
Exposure: South
Soil: limestone
Vine training technique: Guyot


The grapes in PianoAlto have an excellent concentation of sugar and
anthocyanins, while the tannins are sweet as they should be for good Barbera
grapes when they are ripe. Grapes are hand-picked and fermented for a week
with the skins. Long period macerations followed by a second fermatation
in steel vats where the wine remains to decant until the end of winter. The
ageing in the custom-made 1500-litre-wooden double-vats starts in the spring
and lasts for 18 months.


“Its purple colour, the concentration of various substances is clearly very high.
You won’t experience a sense of surprise but a dense and awaited pleasure: a
spicy layer that envelops a pulpy heart of fleshy and ripe currant. The intense
aroma, the expert oenologic execution leading to a not overly tannic softness,
and other quality reverberations of this expressive and majestic wine”.