• The Association of Nizza - Barbera d'Asti Superiore Producers was established on 19 November 2002.  The Association's headquartes are 2 via Crova, Nizza Monferrato.
  • The sole purpose of this non-profit organisation is the defence,  development  and promotion of the excellence of the Nizza appellation.
  • The Association consicts of over 43 producers, who all share the saim aims of production top quality wine.
  • The achivement of these high quality aims is ensured  by the Association bodies (Board of Directors, Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Committee of Experts) and also by the Association Members
  • The Associations uses a highly quality innovative procedure to promote regular wine tasting sessions of the wines made by the associates.
  • Every Associate is obliged to present samples and can take part in tasting sessions.
  • Strictly  blind tasting is managed by one or more Association Members appointed by the Chairman to ensure that the wine being tasted is elegible to be assigned the appellation of Nizza, identifying  the correction of any imperfections or indicating possibile improvements to the associates.
  • The outcome of initial tasting session was positive, confirming the validity of the method selected.
Association of Nizza Producers