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New appellations spring up like mushrooms in Italy (and are often meaningless), so it’s comforting to see recognition for an area that deserves it. The Nizza subzone, long known for its excellent Barberas, received DOCG status with the 2014 harvest. The wines are now showing up in the United States.

The Nizza DOCG was not an impulse decision. Vintners have recognized the area’s potential for decades, and sought the delimitation of the subzone in the 1990s. The name “Nizza” began appearing on labels with the 2000 vintage. In 2008, Barbera d’Asti was promoted from DOC to DOCG status, with “Superiore Nizza” appended to wines from the subzone. As of 2014, Nizza now stands on its own.



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Barbera Gains New Recognition in Italy